Together Again

We come together again, using the vehicle of technology, strengthening our fraternal bonds. Almost 30 years since we all left the comfort of Azare, we have tried to maintain contact with each other, having a 25th anniversary reunion in 2011, and keeping touch one way or the other.

As always, we feel an overwhelming outpouring of gratitude to the Almighty God, for life, for health and happiness. We have lost a lot of brothers and sisters along the way. Those of us still around have weathered the vagaries and vicissitudes of life and are truly grateful.

Federal Government College Azare was the bedrock of our lives. Most of us arrived in September 1981, at the then temporary site of the Bauchi State government owned Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) Azare, young, raw and innocent. We had come from all over Nigeria in search of education and character. We were delivered into the care of a team led by our Principal, the late Mr. E.O. Oyelakin and made up of able and upstanding men such as Chief D.L. Ikpokpo, Mr. Ezerioha, Mr Abdulwahab, Monsieur Udensi, and many others and we were nurtured and guided in all spheres of life. Looking back today we indeed have course to be grateful.

Our experience in FGC Azare, in the light of the ongoing challenges of national unity and integration was indeed instructive. We did not see ourselves as coming from north, south, east or west; neither were our religious faiths unbridgeable fault lines. We lived together; read together, were mischievous together and fought together. It is this which we hope to hand over to our children, the notion that irrespective of where we come from, we are essentially the same.

It is our expectation, that this site would keep our bonds warm and strong, and even with the passage of time, the flame lit many years ago in FGC Azare will never die.

Agboola Lawuyi
FGC Azare
Class of 1986

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  1. Very impressive , Agbo. Absolute splendid . Even though I could not see any of my old picture in the school pictures. This forum will surely keep bond warm, and keep in us old memories. It says ” WHAT IS BITTER TO ENDURE MIGHT BE SWEET TO REMEMBER ”

  2. Thank you so much for diligently working on our site and for bringing us all together again after so many years Abgoola! We appreciate you and everyone that has contributed towards this course. FGC Azare and it’s beautiful memories will always be in my heart!

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