About Us

Our journey together started in 1981, for most of us. We came as individuals, but in FGC Azare, we became friends, family & partners. We got so tightly-knitted together, that not even distance has successfully separated us. We are the Graduating Class of 1986, Federal Government College, Azare

Together Again

by Agboola Lawuyi
We come together again, using the vehicle of technology, strengthening our fraternal bonds. Almost 30 years since we all left the comfort of Azare, we have tried to maintain contact with each other, having a 25th anniversary reunion in 2011, and keeping touch one way or the other.

As always, we feel an overwhelming outpouring of gratitude to the Almighty God, for life, for health and happiness. Continue reading

School Song Rendition by Aggrey Ebegbare